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The Light Quest

Meon is a cute and addictive puzzle game.

In 1997, Professor Tagishaki, from Tokyo Quantum Mechanics institute, found new elementary particles that he called Meons. In this puzzle game, you must solve more than 120 levels to free Meons. Use Prism, Splitter and other various tools to light all the Meons and solve the Light Quest!

Famous infernal puzzles, already appreciated on Windows Mobile, are now available on iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad and Android devices.

Don't hesitate to review the game, you help us to improve it for each new version!

New version 1.4 (iOS) now available :

  • new iPad version: Meon is now Universal, runs on iPhone and iPad, includes gorgeous HD Retina graphics for the new iPad.
  • iCloud support: your progression will be synchronised for multiple devices. Just login to Game Center and iCloud!
  • Twitter support: tweet your score on Twitter.

version 1.3 :

  • Added Retina Display support : enjoy the game with Full HD graphics. Meon have never been so cutes...

version 1.2 :

  • The solver allows you now to unlock 5 levels for the price of one... There's really no reason not to move to the next level!
  • Added Music : Each world of Meon has now a unique music: enchanting, mysterious, dreamlike... Be enchanted by the music of Meon. Have you ever heard such melodies in a video game? (Song writer: Benjamin Devos)

version 1.1 :

  • Added Game Center support : unlock more than 29 achievements, compare your score to your friends, share Meon
  • Added Solver : now, if you're blocked on a level, you are able to beat it with the Solver

Reviews and Opinions

Absolutely wonderful

Bright visuals, addictive game play, becomes pretty challenging too. Works great on my Galaxy Nexus.


Love it

I had this game for my old windows phone and fell in love with it. Sooooo glad when they got it up on the app store!

Mace M.D.


Don't start playing this if you have work to do today!


We now need a time warping app

I really enjoy this game. So much so that I would appreciate a time warping application to cram more hours in to a day so I can get my real work done and still have more time to solve these puzzels. Outstanding game. Try the demo; you'll pay for the full version in minutes - I did.


I've seen the lite!

Curious title, addictive as hell! To start its a little too easy, but the pace quickens to an awesomely addictive little puzzler. I've played this demo 3 times all the way through and still find some levels head scratchers! I will be buying the full game asap!, The combination of complexity and replayabilty make it a must have app and for that I'll give it 5 stars!


Just get it

It's got light rays, it's got colours, it's got prisms, it's got mirrors and it's got cute little creatures. What more do you want? Great puzzles? It's got those as well! What are you waiting for?



AWESOME! My whole family loves Meon! I have a hard time getting my phone back.


Fun...great "time-pass"

This is a great game. It is not a "typical boring puzzle game". Whenever I was bored, and needed something to do I pulled out my phone and played this addicting game. WARNING: Game is addicting!!! It is fun, makes you think and will keep you busy. At least get the trial version and give it a shot because it is worth a shot. Bottom line: Give it a chance...I guarentee you'll like it.



Best download decision i've ever made.


Can't quit playing

What a great game! I cannot believe such a simple concept makes for so many hours of enjoyment. Try Meon Lite and if you play through the demo more than once, you will not regret buying this game.


Check the iPad trailer...

Check the iPad trailer here

...and watch the demo.


  • More than 120 levels to solve
  • Incredible HD graphics on Android
  • Superb Retina graphics on iOS
  • Universal app (iPhone and iPad)
  • iCloud support (iOS)
  • Awesomely addictive puzzler
  • Magical musics
  • Compete with players all around the world
  • Two challenging modes : the addictive Classic and the crazy Time Attack (iPhone only)
  • Game Center support, with 29 achievements (iPhone only)


  • iPhone
  • Android
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Press Reviews [en] : We personally recommend all gamers to try this good game. Read more... [fr] : Meon est un excellent jeu pour iPhone et iPod touch, à la fois simple et prenant, tout en permettant de faire des parties courtes. Read more... [fr] : Addictif, très bien réalisé et avec une bonne durée de vie, Meon est un excellent puzzle game que je conseille à tout le monde. Read more... [fr] : Meon ? Petites particules de réflexion sur AppStore. Read more...